Super Power – Maximal (Ariola, 1987)

Super Power Maximal

Super Power Maximal r

Super Power was a short-lived compilation series from the Ariola label. Four volumes were released during 1987. Maximal focuses on extended versions with the CD consisting of 11 tracks. The double LP had five more [Precious Wilson, Tom Hooker, L.A. Splash, New Romance and Boogie Box High].

Sandra’s Everlasting Love gets us going. A top 10 hit in many European countries (but not the UK) this sublime cover is given an epic workout on this 12″ mix. Italo fans are served up with Francesco Napoli soaring through a high energy melody of native classics while Silicon Dream’s menacing Marcello The Mastroianni still sounds extremely bizarre 27 years on. Equally strange are the cheesy one hit wonder (Holiday) from The Other Ones and 16 Bit’s sprawling interpretation (Ina) Gadda-Da-Vida.

Another cover that hits the mark is the dance mix of Funky Town by Pseudo Echo. It’s followed by the equally strong Never Gonna Give You Up while familiarity breeds contentment with Mel and Kim’s sharp-as-a-razor FLM and Samantha Fox’s joyous Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now. However it’s the edgy and dramatic vocal/dance mix of T’Pau’s Heart And Soul that’s the ultimate highlight here. They never topped that wondrous debut.

Favourite tracks
T’Pau – Heart And Soul

Sandra – Everlasting Love (Extended Version)

Lest we forget
Silicon Dream – Marcello The Mastroianni (Metropolitan Mix)

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3 Responses to Super Power – Maximal (Ariola, 1987)

  1. Paul K says:

    Agreed with T’Pau’s finest hour (or five minutes!) – hit big in the US first, as I recall, before TOTP inadvertently made it a UK hit when they featured it on the US chart rundown spot week after week! ‘China In Your Hand’ is weak tea by comparison, but that was the bigger hit…strange!

    • nlgbbbblth says:

      Got to #4 around the end of September 1987. I remember someone saying that China In Your Hand was the 600th track to top the charts. I think Valentine was also top 10 – after that it was diminishing returns.

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