Let’s Dance (EMI Electrola, 1990)

Let's Dance

Let's Dance r

Let’s Dance is another excellent release from EMI Electrola. It’s a heady mini-snapshot of summer 1990 with 16 extended mixes across two CDs.

After a slow-burning start [Soul II Soul’s A Dream’s A Dream] the tempo rises with the classic hip house tunes I Can Handle It from Mister Mixi and Skinny Scotty and the piano mix of Beats 4 U’s It’s Not Over.

Check out Tongue ‘N’ Cheek’s loping groove of Tomorrow and Rhythm Of Life’s tricky disco workout Tropical Shower. The meandering yet fascinating Take Your Time from Mantronix and Wondress is a wicked break-filled tune while the Land of Oz mix of Cabaret Voltaire’s Keep On is another Balearic classic.

Disc 2 features a 1-2-3-4 punch of diva heat. Tina Turner’s melancholic Foreign Affair is transformed into a punchy club epic. Natalie Cole’s finest momemt Wild Woman Do is raucous and earthy with some great rapping while Dusty Springfield’s late 1980s remake/remodel is distilled into six minutes of perfection on Reputation. And then there’s the track that’s been described as “House music’s I Will Survive”, Kym Mazelle’s defiant and proud Useless. Jam on revenge.

Favourite tracks
Cabaret Voltaire – Keep On (Land of Oz Mix)

Tina Turner – Foreign Affair (One In A Million Club Mix)

Lest we forget
Natalie Cole – Wild Women Do (Get Wild With Me Club Mix)

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