High Life International (Polystar, 1985)

High Life International 1985

High Life International 1985 r

Steven promises Luke they, along with Danny, will move in together when the wedding is over. Meanwhile, Adam and Claudia look like they are meant for each other. Sammy Jo plots revenge against Krystle, and gets an unusual idea when she sees Rita pretending to be Krystle. In Moldavia, Elena confesses to Amanda that she lied about the affair with Michael. The entire family gathers to watch Amanda and Michael get married. As the couple are proclaimed man and wife, armed revolutionaries attack the chapel, leaving all in attendance bloodsoaked on the floor [Dynasty – “Royal Wedding”]

The third High Life compilation was released in 1985 and included 17 “internationale top hits”. It starts with a stinker – Live Is Life from Opus – which sat on top of the European charts for what seemed like an eternity. Moti Special’s Cold Days, Hot Nights is a big improvement; impressive keyboards, big airy vocals and a catchy synth melody. There’s some solo Supertramp with Roger Hodgson’s In Jeopardy. I remain to be convinced but am easily swayed by a hokey slice of Euro pop from Agnetha Fältskog. I Won’t Let You Go sounds about eight years out of time but carries a certain charm.

Some easy soul for the soul. The Intruders’ Who Do You Love is as smooth as Marlon Brando butter while Kool and The Gang’s Fresh can be filed under Ziploc funk. The latter was also included on Out Now! so it’s nice to get the single edit on CD. Other refugees from that short-lived Chrysalis compilation series are Godley and Creme with the ageless heartache of Cry and Killing Joke’s haunting Love Like Blood. There’s also Animotion’s intensely weird obsession [from Out Now!! 2].

Steve Allen’s Letter From My Heart is drugged-up sleazy Italo with a slo-mo beat. Yello’s Vicious Games is an icy and chilling electronic gem with a sinister spoken vocal. It’s followed by an arresting cover of Around My Dream from Kazino that’s face-melting and gorgeously evocative of mid-1985. It takes me back to the morning after.
“Did you see Dynasty last night?”
“Yeah – all the bastards got shot”

1985: Reckless. Run To You and the late night drives to nowhere. More: Chris Rea comes of age with Shamrock Diaries and the wonderfully nostalgic Stainsby Girls. Jazz with Denise Jannah and the smoky Halloween. Seeing strangers in cafés; men to avoid. The marvelously-named Slizzy Bob’s Fantasy sounds like something out of a scene from John Landis’ Into The Night. Into the psyche of a broken man. Finally some revival disco from Gloria Gaynor as she tackles that Space track My Love Is Music and gives it a futuristic edge. She works hard for the money.

Favourite tracks
Kazino – Around My Dream

Chris Rea – Stainsby Girls

Lest we forget
Moti Special – Cold Days, Hot Nights

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