Ronny’s Pop Show – Die Zehnte (CBS, 1987)

Ronny's Pop Show 10

Ronny's Pop Show 10 r

Ronny’s Pop Show was nearly the end of its television run by autumn 1987. Volume 10 was the second one to receive a CD release; an 18 song single disc of highlights from the double LP [which had included 32 tracks]. The show concluded in 1988 but the tie-in compilations would continue well into the 1990s.

Five of the tracks can also be found on The Hits Album 7. There’s the opening 1-2-3 punch of yearning [Wishing Well], adventure [Voyage Voyage] and hope [Building A Bridge To Your Heart]. And Pseudo Echo’s workmanlike cover of Lipps Inc’s Funky Town plus Levert’s bass-heavy Casanova. Elsewhere Ivana Spagna busts some moves on the catchy Dance Dance Dance while Roger Daltrey rocks out on Hearts Of Fire. The film La Bamba was a big hit in cinemas during the summer of ’87 and Los Lobos’ version of the title track reached #1 in the UK. It’s a nice touch to include Ritchie Valens’ 1958 adaptation here. After Here Through Midland became Cock Robin’s sophomore LP and The Biggest Fool Of All was its second single – another smooth and beautiful production.

Earlier in 1987, Iggy Pop and Bootsy Collins guested on a mostly instrumental album, Neo Geo, by Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. The music video for its key track Risky won the first ever MTV Breakthrough Video Award. Love between a robot and one of Man Ray’s Parisian models; a laconic Stooge delivery. Next up are the Humpes – Inga and Anete – with the Eurovision-style pop of Careless Love. Gorgeous. As is Famous Blue Raincoat: Jennifer Warnes’ tribute to Leonard Cohen which selects songs from different parts of Laughing Len’s career including from his then-unreleased album I’m Your Man. First We Take Manhattan features a killer guitar from Stevie Ray Vaughan and a soaring vocal performance from Warnes. She had also toured as a backing singer on the 70s Cohen tours and also contributed to 1984’s Various Positions.

Johnny B. is pure traffic-light rock from Hooters that’s followed by Yello / Shirley Bassey’s dark wave of The Rhythm Divine. T’Pau perfectly shimmering debut 45 Heart And Soul is next. New Order’s Substance was the first album that I purchased on vinyl, cassette and CD. I left the DAT behind. True Faith was their 12th single, the final apostle, a timeless tale. The frequently-neglected 7″ mix is most welcome. And it was the first track that I spun when DJing at my own wedding. The day had finally come. We end with a soul and R&B triple play: Levert’s Casanova, Alexander O’Neal’s signature tune Fake and Gloria Estefan’s tribal dance pop of Rhythm Is Gonna Get You. Let it loose.

“When I was a very small boy,
Very small boys talked to me
Now that we’ve grown up together
They’re afraid of what they see
That’s the price that we all pay
And the value of destiny comes to nothing”

Favourite tracks
New Order – True Faith

Cock Robin – The Biggest Fool Of All

Lest we forget
Jennifer Warnes – First We Take Manhattan

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