Power Of Love (Teldec, 1985)

Power Of Love

Power Of Love r

“You are my dream around my sweet desire.”

Teldec’s Power Of Love CD was on my wantlist from December 1986 until quite recently. I first encountered it Dublin’s Virgin Megastore when they were demonstrating the perfect sound forever of the compact disc. The demo took place in the classical section but the German staff member asked me if I wanted to hear some pop music. He played me the first three songs from Power Of Love. I knew them by sound, having spent two weeks in Italy that August. Open-air disco every night. How much to buy? But no, the CD was for demonstration purposes only. So began the search for this most elusive of compilations, the ultimate trip into the Italo experience. Heart of darkness.

You are my love,
Love love,
The sound is good,
The sound is good,
I can see you every night,
You’re my secret love
You’re my only love,
You can turn on the light of my dreams of my world.”

Fun Fun’s Give Me Your Love bursts out of the speakers. I close my eyes and remember the moment. Retro new wave. It’s followed by Silver Pozzoli’s timeless Around My Dream. Impeccable keyboards, more than a feeling, old is gold. The Italo 1-2-3 punch continues with Modern Talking’s liberating dance of You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul. And then a switch to Billy Ocean, one of his finest efforts Loverboy. The one with the Star Wars video. Dark crystal Euro beat as Giorgio Moroder and Paul Engemann collaborate on the haunting Shannon’s Eyes. An awesome opening sequence and all single versions.

“I close my eyes and all I dream is you.”

The title track belongs to Jennifer Rush. It’s the gorgeous Orchestral Remix. The ship is steered into melancholic waters on Raff’s Change Your Mind before Valerie Dore’s enigmatic and mysterious Get Closer. In Julio’s words – to all the girls I’ve loved before. A beautiful sensual vocal. It’s followed by A Flock Of Seagulls’ world-weary The More You Live, The More You Love. An MT USA teenage memory. Be careful what you do with your heart. Meanwhile Secret Service’s How I Want You combines guitars and synths in an explosive rock-fuelled concoction. When the night closes in.

“All I can do is really always dream.”

Chris Rea’s Touché D’Amour (Special Remix) had already been anthologised on the first High Life International from 1984. A gentle melodic rambler re-worked from Ace Of Hearts. It’s followed by Amii Stewart’s sublime career highlight Friends, another sought after 7″ version. Winding down with Frank Duval and Kalina Maloyer’s bleak duet It Was Love. It plays like something from ABBA’s The Visitors. Finally it’s a soulful treat for Paul Young fans as we get the original 1982 single mix of Broken Man, as performed with the Q-Tips. It was subsequently re-recorded for his debut LP No Parlez. A fine conclusion to one of the greatest compilation albums of all time. Let your love flow.

This review is dedicated to Tracy Spencer. Run To Me was the defining sound of those Genazzano summer discos during August 1986. Mater boni consilii.

“Run, run, run to me,
Come back and stay this time.”

Favourite tracks
Silver Pozzoli – Around My Dream (7″ Vocal Version)

Fun Fun – Give Me Your Love (7″ Version)

Lest we forget
Valerie Dore – Get Closer (7″ Vocal Version)

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6 Responses to Power Of Love (Teldec, 1985)

  1. Run To Me surely is the greatest Italo disco track ever? So amazing.

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