Super Hit Sensation (Ariola, 1984)

Super Hit Sensation

Super Hit Sensation r

“Dancing with tears in my eyes
Weeping for the memory of a life gone by”

Once again, we’re back in the summer of 1984. Long days bursting with sunshine, many of them spent on the beaches of south Wexford; Duncannon, Booley Bay, Dollar Bay and Carnivan. Super Hit Sensation is an Ariola release, one that was promoted by everybody’s favourite ostrich. It also received a simultaneous CD release and is a worthy addendum to High Life International and Hot And New.

The album is bookended by Evelyn Thomas. High Energy was her biggest hit, selling seven million copies all over the world. A sweet and sweaty dance groove. It’s followed by the first of two tracks that were also immortalised on Now That’s What I Call Music 3: Ultravox’s lament to the past, Dancing With Tears In My Eyes. And now for Self Control: Raff’s original and Laura Branigan’s epic cover were picked by Polystar and WEA for High Life International and Hot And New. This time it’s B Staff’s moody and understated version. You’ll be hard-pressed to find it anywhere else. We stay in disco heaven with Marlene Ricci’s funky Tonight and Savage Progress’ sultry My Soul Unwraps Tonight.

Wake up and move to the heart of rock’n’roll as Huey Lewis extols the agony of wanting new drugs. And then a vocoder: Real Life’s melancholy synth masterpiece Catch Me I’m Falling is about living your fantasies while Tony Esposito captures the travel bug with the holiday groover Kalimba De Luna. The feelgood poolside vibe continues on the Saragossa Band’s Agadou [it’s no Black Lace] and Boney M’s torch epic Somewhere In The World. Meanwhile Gilbert Montagne gets all hot and bothered with Just For Tonight.

Sweden have just won Eurovision 2015. They did the same in 1984 – Herreys and Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley. The follow-up Mirror Mirror (Upon The Wall) is the worst thing here. Elsewhere Stevie Woods’ State Of Our Affair is a pleasant reggae-tinged singalong. The mood perks up with The Alan Parsons Project and their atmospheric late-night city spinner Prime Tim [yes – it’s the 7″ mix]. The Thompson Twins are next; the harmonic-driven You Take Me Up; remixed from one of 1984’s best LPs, Into The Gap. And it’s full circle for the finale – Evelyn Thomas and the booming disco heat of Masquerade.

“Dancing with tears in my eyes
Living out a memory of a love that died”

Favourite tracks
Alan Parsons Project – Prime Time

Thompson Twins – You Take Me Up

Lest we forget
B Staff – Self Control

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4 Responses to Super Hit Sensation (Ariola, 1984)

  1. cosmo says:

    High Energy is an absolutely great tune – one of my favourites from that year. Alan Parsons Project captured here during their imperial phase. They were also great – a pity they struggled to make that much of a chart impact in their homeland, as in Europe and the US they seemed to enjoy a run of relative mainstream success. I used to prefer Catch Me, I’m Falling to Send Me an Angel – now it’s the other way around. I also prefer Boney M’s version of Kalimba de Luna to Tony Esposito’s original. Agadou was also recorded by the Saragossa Band in 1981 – is this version the one that appears here, or is it a re-recorded/remixed version re-made in the wake of Black Lace?

    • nlgbbbblth says:

      The Alan Parsons Project gained traction in Ireland by virtue of having their videos constantly played on MT USA during 1984 and 1985. That was a three hour music video show that was broadcast on Sunday afternoons. The version of Agadou is dated as 1981 on the inner sleevenotes; reissued after Black Lace’s success.

  2. Feel the Quality says:

    Who you gonna call? I want a new drug!

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