Dance Max 3 (EMI Electrola, 1990)

Dance Max 3

Dance Max 3 r

Dance Max 3 was the series’ second release of 1990. 100 minutes of dance-floor power! The opening track is early-summer #1 Killer with its fat basslines. Seal met Adamski at Solaris on NYE 1989. Crazy times. The lyrics are about transcending barriers, whatever holds you back. Acid house had been briefly banned on Radio 1 but Killer’s Europe-wide success meant that this was overturned. It’s simultaneously evocative of a time long-gone and also futuristic / somewhat alien in delivery. In short: a classic. More here.

Snap – Ooops Up (Vocal Version): an elongated yet pure shuffle. Next come Atmosphere introducing Mae B with the panicked house of Atm-Oz-Fear with The Beatmasters Club Mix of Doin’ The Do a heart-shaped box groover following on. Hey DJ, where’s the BASS? The Incrowd Version of Bizznizz’ Don’t Miss The Partyline is wickedly minimal stuff and so much better than the single mix. Also burning up are Twenty 4 Seven [I Can’t Stand It] and FPI Project’s pounding piano anthem Risky. CD1 ends with the freestyle sound of Stevie B. Love and Emotion (Mean Mix). Pre-Postman Song. Stereo-shaking Miami bass.

Mantronix team up with Wondress once again. Now it’s the funky Take Your Time (Club/Dub) complete with a cool rap halfway through. After MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This, Timmy Thomas unleashes Why Can’t We Live Together. Originally a 1972 soul hit, now updated as the War And Peace Mix. Another oldie is Dusty Springfield, gaining a new lease of life in ’87 on What Have I Done To Deserve This? Nothing Has Been Proved for the film Scandal followed in 1989. Reputation is the title track of her greatest LP and the 12″ mix is indeed lots of fun. The album was produced by PSB and Julian Mendelsohn.

I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got: Chyp-notic didn’t light my fire on first listen but Nothing Compares 2 U (The Ultimate Dance Version) gradually burrowed a way under my skin. Elsewhere Don Pablo’s Animals transform Venus into a molten house alternative complete with killer breaks. And it’s a European hiphouse party as MC Sar and The Real McCoy get busy with It’s On You (Extended Mix). Closing time: some feelgood disco sounds from PM Sampson and Double Key on the old skool groove of We Love To Love.

Favourite tracks
Adamski – Killer (12″ Version)

Dusty Springfield – Reputation (Lots Of Fun 12″ Mix)

Lest we forget
FPI Project – Risky (12″ Version)

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