Now This Is Music 7 – Volume 2 (EVA, 1987)

Now This Is Music 7 V2

Now This Is Music 7 V2 r

The companion CD to Now This Is Music 7 – Volume 1 shares a similar sleeve to the first instalment but the artists are changed to reflect the content therein.

Four of the album’s 14 tracks would feature on contemporary UK compilations such as The Hits Album 6 [Mel and Kim] and The Hits Album 7 [Rick Astley, Wax, Kenny G] while Kissing With Confidence was originally included on 1983’s Now That’s What I Call Music. June 1987 saw Island reissue the Will Powers single in West Germany so its appearance on this CD was quite a coup at the time. Another track to get a second chance was the Art Of Noise’s languid Moments In Love – originally issued in ’85 – with the sensual beat of the 7″ edit a much tauter suite. And Sweet Sixteen sees Billy Idol turn to searching his soul while Julien Clerc’s Hélene is more lightweight fluff.

Five Star’s funky jam Whenever You’re Ready was the first single from their third LP Between The Lines and proved that the Pearsons still had the groove. David Bowie’s tale of urban decay Day-In Day-Out appears in the extended Never Let Me Down CD cut [which is almost one minute longer than the LP mix]. Don’t look any further for the high point: it is City Lights, William Pitt’s moody night disco masterpiece with its killer bassline. Next comes Grace Jones exploring new musical territories with the trippy Victor Should Have Been A Jazz Musician. Fitting the mood, yet incongruous is Kenny G’s romantic interlude Songbird. Then comes Boy George’s defiant political statement Sold before we finish up with Waterfall, Wendy and Lisa’s revolutionary jam of perfection.

Favourite tracks
William Pitt – City Lights

Wendy and Lisa – Waterfall

Lest we forget
Grace Jones – Victor Should Have Been A Jazz Musician

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2 Responses to Now This Is Music 7 – Volume 2 (EVA, 1987)

  1. cosmo says:

    What a great track City Lights was.

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