The Chart Show Dance Album (Polygram TV, 1995)

Chart Show Dance Album

Chart Show Dance Album r

The Chart Show Dance Album is a handy stocking-filler of 1995’s mega hits. There’s a lot of retreading over familiar ground – this is particularly borne out by the opening track, the ubiquitous Boom! Boom! Boom! from The Outhere Brothers. Next come Clock with the surging heady rush of Whoomph! (There It Is) and Bobby Brown’s relentless Humpin’ Around jam. It’s like being back in The Cellar Bar with John Kearns serving the pints.

Baby D mix the 1980 pop sound of Korgis with furious jungle beats on their cover of I Need You Loving (Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime). Meanwhile Whigfield’s When I Think Of You is less immediate than Saturday Night but packs a decent pop punch. It’s Eurodance central with the appearance of Jam and Spoon’s stately Right In The Night and Corona’s insistent Try Me Out. Then it’s Adam featuring Amy murdering The Cranberries’ Zombie. In a good way. And Blondie get beefed up for ’95; the swirling Heart Of Glass (Diddy’s Adorable Edit) before Liquid’s absolutely brilliant and gorgeous piano pounder Sweet Harmony (’95 Edit) and East 17’s endearing Hold My Body Tight.

Smooth sample The Isley Brothers’ For The Love Of You on Mind Blowin’. Nice. Up Yer Ronson’s Lost In Love is a house banger while the 7″ Epic Dance Mix of Isha-D’s Stay (Tonight) sucks you in good. See Tony De Vit’s 99 Floor Elevators go all the way to the top with the funky Hooked. Then there’s a dubby vibe off Jodeci’s menacing Freek ‘N You with The Nightcrawlers going into robotic mode on the disembodied Push The Feeling On. Real good: Billie Ray Martin’s supreme synth flower Your Loving Arms. The CD concludes with Kenny Dope’s vital idol The Bomb and Ini Kamoze’s Hotstepper summer scorcher.

Favourite tracks
Billie Ray Martin – Your Loving Arms

Jam and Spoon – Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music)

Isha-D – Stay (Tonight) (7″ Epic Dance Mix)

Lest we forget
Liquid – Sweet Harmony (Liquid ’95 Edit)

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