Hits Album 9 – Volume 1 (CBS / WEA, 1988)

Hits Album 9 V1

Hits Album 9 V1 r

Double Dutch: For the ninth volume of the Netherlands’ Hits series, CBS and WEA made a decision to expand the offering. This time we got a 28 song double LP and two separate CDs each containing 14 tracks. Prince’s I Wish U Heaven also featured on the UK series variant The Hits Album 9 while Kim Wilde and Transvision Vamp both climbed abroad the rival express train Now That’s What I Call Music 13. Elsewhere Guns N’ Roses would find themselves on The Hits Album 10; Appetite vibes staying into the summer of ’89.

Once again, A-ha get the ball rolling. Touchy remains one of their lightweight efforts, easily one of the tamer moments from Stay On These Roads. Next comes Terence Trent D’Arby’s expressive Rain, a European-only 45. Hot on its heels: Johnny Kemp’s Friday night boogie Just Got Paid and the overlong album version of Tribute (Right On) by The Pasadenas. A Jackson 5 jive. Kim Wilde’s blindingly great pop shimmer You Came is always a treat. In its wake the new screech rawk of Transvision Vamp’s I Want Your Love. Moody blues on Bruce Springsteen’s Tougher Than The Rest with epic layered synths.

So Muddy Waters’ Mannish Boy, an awesome piledriver of a tune. Shortly to appear on Goodfellas OST. Big hair – Europe’s hokey Superstitious. Reservoir rock – Guns N’ Roses searing single edit of Sweet Child O’ Mine with much of Slash’s guitar solo removed. Things take a celestial turn on Freiheit’s Beach Boys meets Christmas Keepin’ The Dream Alive but not even Jam and Lewis can save Pia Zadora’s Dance Out Of Head from the sick bucket. But we finish so well. Prince’s gorgeous, lovely and sexy glam slam jam I Wish U Heaven followed by George Michael’s sublime Father Figure, not a second wasted.

Favourite tracks
George Michael – Father Figure

Bruce Springsteen – Tougher Than The Rest

Lest we forget
Terence Trent D’Arby – Rain

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