Now This Is Music 8 – Volume 2 (EVA, 1988)

Now This Is Music 8 V2

Now This Is Music 8 V2 r

The companion CD to Now This Is Music 8 – Volume 1 shares a similar sleeve to the first instalment but the artists are changed to reflect the content therein. This would be the last volume to be split into two separate CD releases, presumably due to low sales figures.

Just one of the 14 tracks was included on a contemporary UK compilation – Letter From America from Smash Hits Party ’88. Rise To The Occasion (Hip Hop Mix) was the closing tune on Now That’s What I Call Music 11 but its the regular 7″ that’s here, despite the back inlay stating otherwise. So Sinéad O’Connor’s Troy is first, a cathartic and tortured masterpiece that she has never bettered. NB – the official video highlighted below omits the quiet beginning. After setting such a impossibly high bar, Joe Cocker’s Unchain My Heart comes across as merely functional. The Christians’ Ideal World is better, a soulful socialist paean while Sandra’s version of Everlasting World is high octane. Next is Rick Astley’s pleading pop of My Arms Keeping Missing You. Sonic youth.

Euro hits: Guesch Patti’s Etienne is a overblown fourth-division Madonna. Paolo Conte’s Max is odd stuff, bad cabaret with nice instrumentation. Climie Fisher drift pleasantly into Stock, Aitken and Waterman’s cool Packjammed (With The Party Posse). The regular 7″ of The Proclaimers’ breakthrough is listed as the Band Version. Supermarket sweep. It’s followed by Cliff Richard’s gentle Some People. And the daybreak Sydney harbour rock of Crazy is brought to you by the enigmatic Icehouse. Not The Icicle Works. Play Misty For Me. To the roof: U2’s Where The Streets Have No Name. The Joshua Tree take with its beautiful ghostly introduction. There is no street with no name. There is only somewhere far away. Exit to Whitney Houston’s flamboyant So Emotional. It takes a teenage riot etc.

Favourite tracks
U2 – Where The Streets Have No Name

Sinéad O’Connor – Troy

Lest we forget
Icehouse – Crazy

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