Get On This!!! (Telstar, 1990)

Get On This

Get On This r

Telstar launched Get On This!!! in spring 1990 as a rival to Now Dance. The premise of the series was to feature mainstream dance music with a small selection of exclusives cuts that don’t appear to have been compiled elsewhere. After a reasonably vigorous marketing campaign (promo posters were all over KG Discs in Lisduggan, Waterford), the series petered out after the second volume sold poorly. The first instalment is an enjoyable trip that both complements and shares a common vibe with Now That’s What I Call Music 17.

“The American company Transceptor Technology has started production of the ‘Personal Companion’ computer”

Snap reel ’em in on The Power. Launched in January 1990, the dazzling sound for a new decade. The samples: Chill Rob G – Let the Words Flow, Jocelyn Brown – Love’s Gonna Get You, Mantronix – King Of The Beats. Jamtronix evocative cover of Another Day In Paradise shadows the so-so Rok The Nation from Rob ‘n’ Raz and Leila K. On 28 December 2015, Guru Josh passed away in Ibiza. Infinity is here, forever timeless, always London 1990. A rare cold cut: Timedrillers’ phat Somebody In The House Say Yeah. Move with De La Soul and Queen Latifah on the organic / orgasmic Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children. Look back on memories – Ultra Nate’s jazzy and breezy It’s Over Now.

Hot and new: Lisa Stansfield’s positively carnal Live Together. Eternal baggy rhythms next: Candy Flip – Strawberry Fields Forever, Primal Scream – Loaded. Out of the blue comes The Orb’s spaced-out remix of Lily Was Here; a real ambient treat from beyond the ultraworld. And in what seems like a Golden Pages tribute, The Sound Marines drop the interesting Something Wild (Can You Feel It). House goes Jive Bunny on Latino Rave’s funsize The Sixth Sense. It contains Anna G’s sandblasted G’Ding G’Ding (Do You Wanna Dance) which is featured in its own right next. Lastly, Prince’s greatest choreographer and dancer. Cat serves up a tasty treat Catwoman, truly a lost funk power classic.

CD2 blasts off with another 12″, this time This Beat Is Technotronic (My Favourite Club Mix). Equally dope, JT and The Big Family’s treatment of Moments In Love, re-titled Soul and tooled up with beats. Early days for Culture Beat, almost Italo for the creepy Cherry Lips. Twist and burn with Public Enemy’s furious Welcome To The Terrordome. Sound like the Terrormental flip. House headers Terrajacks drop the Balearic bliss of Total Stranger while MC Wildski mixes up Tears For Fears’s Shout and Thompson Twins’ Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream and calls it Warriors. He supported Beats International in 1991. Nicely followed by The Beloved’s gorgeously laidback The Sun Rising. Dawn trip.

The Brits 1990 Medley – check out Deep Heat 6 – The Sixth Sense for all this and more. 808 State’s Pacific 707 as played by Chris Moyles at 8:08AM one morning. Bad buzz – Jamie J Morgan’s abysmal cover of Walk On The Wild Side and Da Yeene’s mediocre We’re On The Case. Elsewhere a nice summer jam from A Way Of Live in Trippin’ On Your Face melts with Mr Fingers’ deeply smooth What About This Love. To the end: Lil’ Louis – French Kiss and the soulful I Don’t Know Anybody Else by ’89 heroes Black Box.

Favourite tracks
Snap – The Power

David A Stewart featuring Candy Dulfer – Lily Was Here (Space Centre Medical Unit Hum)

JT and The Big Family – Moments In Soul (Ron’s Remix)

Black Box – I Don’t Know Nobody Else

Lest we forget
Cat – Catwoman

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2 Responses to Get On This!!! (Telstar, 1990)

  1. andynoax says:

    I still think this is one of the best dance compilations with some alternate mixes of songs featured on other compilations of the era (not all of them better versions, admittedly!) and some tracks unique to this album.

    I agree with most of your opinions here, though I’m not particularly keen on ‘Catwoman’. Damn right about ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ though – awful!

    There are 2 songs here that hit the lower reaches of the chart but should have done much better – ‘It’s Over Now’ and ‘Warrior’ both deserved to be big hits.

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