Dance Energy 3 (Virgin, 1991)

Dance Energy 3

Dance Energy 3 r

Dance Energy 3 was released in late 1991 and came with a new design plus a much glossier inlay than the previous two. Artists in lights: Moby, 2 Unlimited, Rozalla, The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu, Congress, Bizarre Inc, DJ Carl Cox “and plenty more!” For dancers only: “There is a photo of myself dancing on the inside cover . I’ve put on a few pounds now so it was nice to see myself in my heyday.” (David Hodgson)

First up is the hypnotic sound of Moby’s Go. As Doc Hemelin once said “This song makes me wanna cry nostalgic tears about a childhood that will never return and the inevitable ending of things I loved so much.” The “yeah” vocal which features prominently in the track is actually a sample from soul singer Jocelyn Brown, taken from her 1985 single Love’s Gonna Get You. Next is 40 Miles by Congress – described as “Proclaimers lite” by someone who really didn’t have a clue. It was originally recorded as an instrumental by the two Dannys, Harrison and Matlock before vocals from Lucinda Sieger were added to taste. Staying in the clubs, 2 Unlimited’s storming Get Ready For This followed by Bizarre Inc’s stadium house Such A Feeling, really epic stuff and an amazing bassline. Back to Holland for Human Resource’s rather clinical Dominator before the arrival of the 3 Deck Wizard, DJ Carl Cox. I Want You (Forever) is glorious, piano meets hardcore breakbeat.

Rozalla arrived on the UK club scene from Zambia via Zimbabwe and Italy. Faith (In The Power Of Love) is my favourite of hers, a sweetly sung tune that brings back memories of being a fresher in UCD. Brothers In Rhythm keep the tempo right on the euphoric Such A Good Feeling while Joey Negro joins the scene with Do What You Feel. The JAMMs – read more about the North on my review of Now That’s What I Call Music 20. C&C Music Factory’s Things That Make You Go Room still sounds fresh – “so popular, Coca-Cola bought the rights to the tune for $20 million.” And Ring My Bell gets reworked by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. Hanging on in ’91 were Cookie Crew on the rather forced Love Will Bring Us Back Together which features Roy Ayers. Sadly less than essential.

Poetry + rap + jazz + fresh dance beats = Galliano. Described by Martin Furlong in ’91 as “shit” at the New Ross Tea Rooms but this harsh assessment is far from reality. Jus’ Reach is decent enough but there were greater things to follow. M People join our club with their debut How Can I Love You More. Remixed in 1993 and subsequently massive, this version has the original piano break. Where Love Lives was voted greatest dance record of all time in Mixmag and one that never fails to move the crowd. It’s got all this and more: a blinding piano intro, awesome production and beats that still sound fresh. Plus Alison Limerick’s fantastic vocal and uplifting soulful message – a real leap of faith. “Follow me down, deep down where the love lives.” Jack on: Frankie Knuckles restrained It’s Hard Sometimes and Yo Yo Honey’s Groove On. The chilled vibe continues with the Brand New Heavies slow cooking Never Stop before ending with the touching Winter In July, Bomb The Bass featuring Loretta and using the 3D sound system. “Everything will come in time.”

Favourite tracks
Rozalla – Faith (In The Power Of Love)

Bomb The Bass – Winter In July

DJ Carl Cox – I Want You (Forever)

Lest we forget
M People – How Can I Love You More?

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2 Responses to Dance Energy 3 (Virgin, 1991)

  1. andynoax says:

    Another one on my ‘to buy’ list, purely for the lesser heard stuff in the second half.

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