Dance Energy – Feel The Rhythm (EMI, 1992)

Dance Energy 4

Dance Energy 4 r

The fourth Dance Energy compilation dropped the numbering and instead called itself Feel The Rhythm. “The Coolest Cuts” consists of a quality selection; 18 tracks in all but unlike the three previous instalments, there’s very little in the way of background information i.e. no bios. Instead a R-H-Y-T-H-M watermark on the folded-out inlay.

“Come follow me now.” The opening tune is massive; The Family Foundation’s euphoric Xpress Yourself. A booming throwback courtesy of Franschene Allen, Johnny Ekubia, Robbie Boardman and produced by Johnny Jay. It also featured as last track on Ratpack’s set at Fantazia, Castle Donnington in July 1992. Good times. In its wake, well known favourites from The Future Sound Of London, Altern-8, 2 Unlimited. Slotted in at #5, Oceanic’s radio friendly Controlling Me – “crazy days and hardcore nights” – which sadly didn’t do the business. Likewise for K-Klass and the understated So Right, sold to us in a pink and orange 12″ sleeve. Next come the 49ers and their piano-driven Eurodance wonder Got To Be Free. +8 – Degrees Of Motion’s club anthem Do You Want It Right Now, a blurred memory from the UCD Freshers’ ball of ’92. Whiskey on the number 10 bus from Donnybrook and one David introducing himself to another. “This is David.”

My Friend Sam AKA The Sin Boys bring on Viola Wills for the hypnotic synth groove It’s My Pleasure. “Driving around in my old Dolomite in 1992 listening to Atlantic 252 on LW waiting for it to come on. Gorgeous, carefree days.” – Groovy Graham recalling Lisa Stansfield’s sublime Set Your Loving Free. Meanwhile Inner City drop some classic house on Hallelujah ’92 with Kym Sims’ banging Take My Advice always welcome. Soul jam time as Don-E serves up Love Makes The World Go Round while KWS’ Please Don’t Go still sounds hugely evocative. Wedding Present B-side title time as Right Said Fred plough Don’t Talk Just Kiss helped by Jocelyn Brown. Riding on the rhythm are Louie Vega and Marc Anthony. Last man standing: One Tribe featuring Gem, the shivery What Have You Done (Is This All). Written and produced by George Kelly, happy music for happy people.

Favourite tracks
The Family Foundation – Xpress Yourself (Ragga Radio Edit)

Lisa Stansfield – Set Your Loving Free

Lest we forget
One Tribe featuring Gem – What Have You Done (Is This All)

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4 Responses to Dance Energy – Feel The Rhythm (EMI, 1992)

  1. andynoax says:

    Good collection for some rarely compiled hit tracks, this one : Inner City, Lisa Stansfield, Oceanic & Kym Sims & K-Klass all didn’t feature much elsewhere.

  2. Andrew Chinnock says:

    Hi Paul, I’ve always been a bit of a fan of this and the other Dance Energy albums. I reckon 1992 was probably my favourite year for dance. It was as a 14 year old back then and still is now. There were plenty of dance compilations released this year covering a variety of sub genres. There was so much going on it seems. Compilers weren’t afraid to put tracks that never made the top 75 on albums. There probably hasn’t been another year like it for such a wealth of great tunes available on compilations, with loads more to discover if you scratch at the surface.

    Hope you don’t mind, but I thought I’d include some liner notes from another compilation from that year.

    “Dance Music 92 is so diverse that few believers want to subscribe to all the faith. Bottles of Vicks do not abound at the Ministry of Sound. Frankie Knuckles does not aspire to play records faster than Fabio & Grooverider. Football hooligans turned MCs are not required at garage all-nighers. The Sounds of Blackness do not seek breakbeat ecstacy at dawn and the happy rush of Bump is not dubbed requisite listening by a Beltram devotee. Hard Fax recycles the data. It’s up to you to decide which dancefloor to report to. In the meantime the rhythm quest continues /////.”

  3. nlgbbbblth says:

    Great quote Andrew
    Agree, if you put them all back to back you get a great snapshot of the times. I started going to clubs regularly – inspired by seeing Altern 8 play at Dublin’s Mansion House in April ’92.

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