Keeping The Faith: A Creation Dance Compilation (Creation, 1991)

Keeping The Faith

Keeping The Faith r

The first dance record to be made by a Creation artist was Love Corporation’s Tones which was released in January 1990. After hearing a white label of the album, Shoom DJ Danny Rampling asked if he could remix one of its tracks – the languid Palatial. Around the same time, Primal Scream underwent a radical transformation courtesy of Andrew Weatherall’s remodeling of I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have. Throughout the remainder of 1990, the label put out a quality selection of dance 12″s which were eventually compiled together on Keeping The Faith, which emerged in February 1991 – a double LP or glorious CD version. There was a Snub TV feature on it that is linked below under Advertising.

We begin with Fluke’s Philly (Jamorphous Mix), an absolute belter of a tune. Sleeve by Designland. Their Techno Rose Of Blighty LP is a decent listen. Meanwhile Hypnotone’s self-titled mini-album began with the sweet spot groove of Dream Beam; later on that summer a white label 12″ emerged – no track names, but a a sticker stating Hypnotone Dream Beam (Danny Rampling Remix). It was CRE082TX and got aired regularly in those lazy evenings after I returned home from Minch Norton. Closing off the first quarter, or a rather lengthy side 1 was the aforementioned remix of Palatial – a true euphoric trip with a mysterious lady doing the voiceover. It was like doing yoga on the dancefloor. Joe Brennan fondly remembers with great accuracy: “Late 80s to mid 90s was the pinnacle. So many happy memories. So many escapes to freedom. So many dreams. A higher state of consciousness. To a place untouched. To a place where I couldn’t be touched.”

Primal Scream make the first of two appearances with Come Together. The Hypnotone Brain Machine Mix or CRE 078X. Remember the standalone display in HMV. My copy is the regular retail version of the promo. Creation had a habit at this point of making their remixes and some of the more dance orientated tracks by lesser known artists look like regular club promos and white labels. Elsewhere there’s JBC’s take on the Rolling Stones’ We Love You. The Jazz Butcher on vocals and produced by Steve Procter who recalls “laying in Brighton for Carl Cox and Alan McGee and Bobby Gillespie being there … and then all of us ending up in Bobby’s flat and me playing them my remix of Soho’s Hippychick which hadn’t come out then …. It was meant to be!” The voice saying “The great awakening” is William Burroughs. Next comes one of the greatest remixes ever: Andy Weatherall’s take on My Bloody Valentine’s Soon which contains extensive samples from Westbam’s Alarm Clock. Starting with a busy cowbell intro before melding into a dreamy & hypnotic dub / goth workout. “Like sirens captured in a glass bottle.” (Crijevo)

Sheer Taft’s Cascades (Hypnotone Mix) is the bomb; an epic house workout that builds. And builds. The vocal is from Ingrid Kudos and it plays like a spaced-out movement with minimal breakbeats. Next comes a real obscurity: White Unite’s self-titled ode to harmony, compiled here and nowhere else. Produced by the Margra Connection. Then we get the somewhat underrated Terry Farley Mix of Loaded, more laidback with more vocals and more of the original’s DNA but still retains the funkiness of the remix.
“You got a heart of gold
You can’t be bought or sold”

Hypnotone’s Hypnotonic follows, a 120 BPM driving gem that’s enhanced by the vocal. Its moodiness contrasts with Nena De Ibiza, a track that’s not about the West German pop star. Crazy Eddie & QQ Freestyle’s tune is an uplifting club classic – “music for the people”

Last orders: I Hate Hate is a cover of a 1974 Northern Soul tune by Razzy and The Neighbourhood Kids. The Sound Of Shoom (Danny Rampling plus Eusebe) keep it real, magical and retain the soulful vibe of the original as they remodel it into a house anthem. The sleeve features the Shoom loveheart logo which is become synonomous with the club. Maximum joy. I leave the last words to Jenni Rampling: “I’d hardly say that Shoom’s fashionable or trendy. We never thought in those terms, We just wanted people to come to the club, leave their egos at the door and have fun… after all, we all sweat the same.”

Favourite tracks
My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Andy Weatherall Mix)

Love Corporation – Palatial (Danny Rampling Mix)

Lest we forget
Sheer Taft – Cascades (Hypnotone Mix)


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