18 Forever

18 Forever

18 Forever is another trawl through baggy’s back pages. Most of these records were funded by the ESF grant and purchased from KG Discs in either Barronstrand Street or Lisduggan Shopping Centre. The above photograph was taken sometime during 1990 in Waterford. If you look closely, you can see the AIB’s ATM, covered by a blue canopy. That’s the machine from which I withdrew the cash for all those records.

01 The Hollow Men – The Moon’s A Balloon (Quosh Mix)
02 Slow Bongo Floyd – Open Up Your Heart (Remix)
03 If – Open Up Your Head (7″ Edit)
04 Natural Life – Strange World
05 The Wendys – Enjoy The Things You Fear
06 Lovekittens – What Goes On?
07 Poppy Factory – Stars
08 Candy Flip – This Can Be Real (Smaller)
09 A Certain Ratio – Twenty Seven Forever (7″ Mix)
10 Paris Angels – Oh Yes (Single Edit)
11 Intastella – Century (7″ Version)
12 The Railway Children – Music Stop
13 The High – More
14 Top – Buzzin’
15 The Real People – Believer
16 Milltown Brothers – Here I Stand

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