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Nite Flite 3 (CBS, 1990)

Review After the sublime Nite Flite and the pretty impressive Nite Flite 2, CBS decided to continue with the series and unleashed Nite Flite 3 in 1990. The tagline was “Being With You” and the sleeve bore an image of … Continue reading

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Nite Flite 2 (CBS, 1989)

Review There’s an Aisling telephone on the front of Nite Flite 2. This ground-breaking device offered push button re-dialling, last number re-dial, secrecy and dual signalling. It was suitable for connection to exchanges that used either pulse or tone dialling. … Continue reading

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Nite Flite (CBS, 1988)

Review By 1978 The Walker Brothers were washed up. The kitchen sink drama of the mid-1960s – best exemplified on Mrs Murphy – led to solo careers and a 1970s relauch as a country pop outfit (Lines, No Regrets). The … Continue reading

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