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Smash Hits – Summer ’97 (Virgin, 1997)

Review After the utter fiasco of Smash Hits Mix ’97, Ashley Abram reverted to the formula that had worked so well in the past. No mixing, partial or otherwise. And all the better for it. Smash Hits – Summer ’97 … Continue reading

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Smash Hits Mix ’97 (Virgin, 1996)

Review The first Smash Hits release of 1996 arrived in early December. 1995 saw three volumes of the series, all on Telstar. The futuristic Smash Hits Mix ’97 [looking forward] came out on Virgin and in a most unwelcome development, … Continue reading

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Smash Hits 3 (Telstar, 1995)

Review Autumn leaves were falling when Telstar released their third Smash Hits compilation of 1995. Both Smash Hits ’95 – Volume 1 and Smash Hits 2 were unsatisfactory from the point of having two many tracks [22 and 21 respectively] … Continue reading

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