Now CD errors

The purpose of this page is to document the errors with Now That’s What I Call Music 1-9 CD releases. While it’s great to see these early albums emerge on CD at last, the quality control has been slipshod with numerous mistakes. It’s clear that the best time to do this would have been in late 1987 or early 1988 – just after Now 10 came out, the first one to have the same number of tracks on LP, cassette and CD. While impossible to know for sure, these releases could have come in a chunky fatbox, there would have been few or no licensing issues & they probably would have exactly matched the originals.

Update 25 July 2021: As you will see below, there has been a significant improvement in quality control for Now 8 and Now 9. I always maintained that nobody expected 100% accuracy with these CD releases but the majority of the previous errors could have avoided with a little more attention to detail. Thankfully it would appear that the advice & general feedback about taking more care with these CDs seems to have been heeded by the Now team. This bodes well for future projects – such as the Now Yearbook where last month’s 1983 edition was really well done. So it is nice to sign off this page on a positive note.

Now 1 CD errors (4 out of 30)
Limahl – Only For Love (20 seconds longer on CD – album version rather than unique edit that was on the original Now 1)
Malcolm McLaren – Double Dutch (They use album version rather than 7″ mix which was on the original Now 1)
New Edition – Candy Girl (Album version instead of 7″ mix)
Simple Minds – Waterfront (Missing sticks intro that’s from the original single)

The 25th anniversary CD and 2018 reissue are identical in content. The former has a cardboard vinyl replica sleeve while the later edition comes in a jewel case.

Now 2 CD errors (8 out of 30)
Madness – Michael Caine (Album version)
Joe Fagin – That’s Livin’ Alright (Different take, not the 45)
Snowy White – Bird Of Paradise (Too long, not the single mix)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (Come Fighting instead of the original 7″ AKA Move)
Eurythmics – Here Comes The Rain Again (It’s the album edit)
The Smiths – What Difference Does It Make? (Again, album version not the never-on-CD-before 7″ edit)
Re-Flex – The Politics Of Dancing (They use a shorter edit)
Paul McCartney – Pipes Of Peace (This has longer intro and is the album version)

Now 3 CD errors (15 out of 30)
Nik Kershaw – I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 3 LP)
Sister Sledge – Thinking Of You (Closer in length to the album version and slightly longer than the 7″ mix used on original Now 3)
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Locomotion (Original Now 3 was 3:53 in line with the 7″, this fades early here at 3:44)
Ultravox – Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Original Now 3 was 4:10 in line with the 7″, this fades early here at 4:04)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes (Cowboy & Indians 7″ instead of We Don’t Want To Die 7″ picture disc)
Womack & Womack – Love Wars (Album version used instead of 7″ edit which was on Now 3 LP – nearly 2 minutes longer here)
Style Council – You’re The Best Thing (Slightly longer than the 7″ mix used on original Now 3 but only a few seconds – identical length to video version)
Bob Marley & The Wailers – One Love / People Get Ready (Omitted from CD)
Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy (Now 3 LP used the longer version of 5:02 which was also on the 7″ picture disc; the CD has the shorter 7″ mix 3:55)
Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 3 LP)
Bananarama – Robert De Niro’s Waiting (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 3 LP)
Thompson Twins – You Take Me Up (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 3 LP)
Gary Glitter – Dance Me Up (Omitted from CD)
The Art Company – Susanna (Album version which is also on some 7″ copies. However shorter DJ edit 7″ was on Now 3 LP – 46 second difference)
David Sylvian – Red Guitar (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 3 LP. The 7″ mix has never been on CD so another missed opportunity)

Now 4 CD errors (9 out of 32)
Nick Heyward – Warning Sign (Now 4 LP has the 7″ mix which contains two raps – at 2:07 and 2:55. This slightly shorter version doesn’t)
Culture Club – The War Song (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 4 LP & original CD)
Style Council – Shout To The Top (Matches the mix used on The Singular Adventures Of which runs very slightly longer than the one used on Now 4 LP & original CD)
Thompson Twins – Doctor Doctor (Album version used. On the Now 4 LP & original CD it ran about 10 seconds shorter – possibly video version)
The Kane Gang – Respect Yourself (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 4 LP. Very obvious – 1 min 45 secs longer)
Big Country – East Of Eden (7″ mix included here. The version on the original Now 4 remains unique – at 3:35 an extra chorus is sung instead of the instrumental break)
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Tesla Girls (Compilation version used – as on 1988’s Best Of OMD. About 8 seconds longer than 7″ edit on Now 4 LP)
Kim Wilde – The Second Time (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 4 LP. Quite a different beginning)
Eugene Wilde – Gotta Get You Home Tonight (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 4 LP. Very obvious – 1 min 45 secs longer)

It’s good to see that the original CD should remain sought after given that it contains correct versions of three of the above tracks.

Now 5 CD errors (11 out of 30)
Scritti Politti – The Word Girl (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 5 LP – over 1 min longer)
Stephen TinTin Duffy – Icing On The Cake (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 5 LP – over 1 min 20 secs longer)
Kool And The Gang – Cherish (Original Now 5 was very close to album version. This is 3:44 and is shorter than the 7″ mix)
Paul Young – Every Time You Go Away (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 5 LP – over 1 min longer)
Marillion – Kayleigh (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 5 LP – very obvious as album segues evident)
Bryan Ferry – Slave To Love (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 5 LP)
Pat Metheny Group & David Bowie – This Is Not America (Omitted from CD)
Sister Sledge – Frankie (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 5 LP)
Simply Red – Money’s Too Tight (To Mention) (Seems to be the 4:28 mix used on the 1996 Greatest Hits – 50 seconds longer than 7″ mix which was on Now 5 LP)
Jaki Graham – Round And Around (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 5 LP)
Loose Ends – Magic Touch (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 5 LP)

Fine Young Cannibals and Phil Collins tracks appear to have been faded very slightly on the original Now 5 LP – we’re talking a couple of seconds so not including these as errors.

Now 6 errors (10 out of 30)
Nik Kershaw – When A Heart Beats (Album version used instead of mix with earlier fade which was on Now 6 LP)
Eurythmics – There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) (Greatest Hits / Ultimate Collection mix which is just a fade of the album version. The 7″ edit was on the Now 6 LP)
Bryan Adams & Tina Turner – It’s Only Love (Omitted from CD)
Marillion – Lavender (Album version used instead of longer single mix which was on Now 6 LP – very obvious and a schoolboy mistake)
Midge Ure – If I Was (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 6 LP)
Madness – Uncle Sam (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 6 LP – difference of over 1 min)
The Communards – You Are My World (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 6 LP)
Paul Hardcastle – Just For Money (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 6 LP – difference of nearly 1 min)
Baltimora – Tarzan Boy (Original version used instead of shorter Summer Remix 7″ which was on Now 6 LP)
Cameo – Single Life (ROW 7″ mix used instead of UK 7″ mix which was on Now 6 LP)

UB40’s Don’t Break My Heart album version appeared on the original Now 6 LP and is also here. The original 7″ mix of it and You Are My World are still MIA on CD.

Now 7 errors (10 out of 33)
Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer (Album version used instead of early fade single mix which was on Now 7 LP)
Pet Shop Boys – Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money) (4:37 Full-length original 7″ used instead of Alternative 7″ AKA Matrix mix that was unique to the Now 7 LP. I was expecting the regular & common 1986 7″ version but this is the one that turned up on Please: Further Listening)
David Bowie – Absolute Beginners (Omitted from CD)
Simple Minds – All The Things She Said (7″ promo edit used instead of album version which was on Now 7 LP)
Big Country – Look Away (Sounds more like album version instead of Robin Millar production which was on Now 7 LP – slightly different ending)
Simply Red – Holding Back The Years (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 7 LP)
Billy Ocean – When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going (Edit version of 3:00 instead of noticeably longer 7″ mix which was on Now 7 LP)
Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 7 LP – nearly 2 minutes longer)
The Real Roxanne with Hitman Howie Tee – (Bang Zoom) Let’s Go Go (Omitted from CD)
Patti LaBelle & Michael McDonald – On My Own (Omitted from CD)

In an unwelcome twist, the spine says “NOW MUSIC 7” instead of “NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL MUSIC 7” – so when lined up with the others on the shelf, it doesn’t match. Sloppy! Yes, all the original LPs said “Now Music” aside from the first. But Now 1-6 on CD have had the full title on the spine so this looks odd.

Now 8 errors (4 out of 32).
Genesis – In Too Deep (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 8 LP and CD)
Grace Jones – I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect For You) (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 8 LP and CD)
Janet Jackson – What Have You Done For Me Lately? (LP Edit from Design Of Decade used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 8 LP)
Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush – Don’t Give Up (Shaking The Tree 5:57 version instead of the 5:41 7″ mix that was on Now 8 LP and CD)

If you own the original Now 8 CD and get the West German CD Musikladen Eurotops for the 7″ mix of the Janet Jackson track, then you can fully re-create the original double LP.

Now 9 errors (2 out of 30)
Taffy – I Love My Radio (The version here is 4:07 and matches the one used on Now More Forgotten ’80s. It is listed as Radio Version on Spotify and looks like it dates from 1985. It’s worth noting that the original Now 9 LP did not contain the spring 1987 hit version – you know the one that goes “my DeeJay’s radio” – but instead gave us I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio) (US Remix) which was also released in 1985 and runs for 3:22)
Gary Moore – Over The Hills And Far Away (The original Now 9 LP contained the 7″ mix which was timed at 4:38. Here we get an slightly shorter version – 4:24 in length – that also featured on the CD single of Wild Frontier & subsequent Various compilations)

If you wish to partially re-create the original Now 9 experience, you can get I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio) (US Remix) on the West German CD Super Power Hit Sensation.

In terms of future CD reissues – I expect that Sony probably won’t announce anything until early November. Given the improved quality control on the last two, there’s a fair chance that they could do a good job with Now 10 & beyond. IMHO I don’t think they’re necessary and would urge anybody who wants them to just buy second hand copies – acknowledging that this may not suit all. On that basis, this page is now complete.

103 Responses to Now CD errors

  1. Martin Davis says:

    Quite shocking that there were so many instances where the versions of the tracks on the CD reissues don’t match the versions contained on the original LP/Cassette versions.

    Isnthere any known reason as to why the David Bowie track is ommitted from Now 5?

    • nlgbbbblth says:

      “Unable to secure rights” is the reason given. Nothing more. Possibly licensing refusal from Pat Metheny or the label that originally issued the soundtrack – The Falcon & The Snowman.

    • Trekkie313 says:

      Most likely so they could fit on the record, the vinyl mix/edits being made first then copied to the original CD.

      • nlgbbbblth says:

        The original releases were primarily sourced from masters supplied by the respective labels. In the vast majority of instances, the label provided the 7” single master. Now did a couple of edits themselves but these were the exception. For these CD releases, the labels still supply the masters but there are two issues:
        1/ Unless specifically requested, the label will supply the first mix that comes to hand. Which may be the album version.
        2/ Now staff do not appear to have sufficient knowledge or awareness of what to check for.

        The obvious solution is to check against an original copy before pressing up the CDs.

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  3. says:

    What is the difference between the 7″ and L{ versions of Nik Kershaw’s I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me? I thought they were the same? Is there a mix difference I’m missing? Thanks.

  4. Mark Colgan says:

    Did anyone compare later LP to their issued at the time CD? Say Now 20 or whatever, maybe these errors between LP and CD have happened all alone. Shortened mixes would be needed to keep the vinyl groove deep enough, not such an issue for the CD.

    • nlgbbbblth says:

      I stopped buying the vinyl at the earliest opportunity so unsure. If there are variances, I’d imagine they’re in the later ones maybe 25-35 as they had up to 39 minutes of music per side – shocking quality.

  5. Warren Wilding says:

    So far I’ve found the following errors on the Now 7 reissue:
    Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer is the album mix 5:10 of not the single fade 4:53.
    PSB – Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money) is the full length original seven-inch mix 4:37 instead of the Matrix mix at 3:20.
    Simple Minds – All The Things She Said is the edit of 4:00, instead of the album mix at 4:15, which was on the original Now LP.
    Simply Red – Holding Back The Years is the full album mix of 4:28, not the edit at 4:04 that was on the original Now 7.
    Billy Ocean – When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going is a very short 3:00 edit, not the 7” Mix 4:07, as originally featured.
    Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait is not the single mix at 3:37 but the full length album mix at 5:25.
    Plus of course the three very unfortunate track omissions.

    • nlgbbbblth says:

      Thanks Warren, just got my CD this afternoon so will update later. Including the full length original 7″ of Opportunities is a nice touch (in a weird sense) as I was expecting the regular 1986 hit version.

  6. Warren Wilding says:

    To add to the list, Big Country – Look Away has a slightly truncated ending with a slightly reduced track length by 2 seconds.

  7. AkickUPthe80s says:

    Has anyone managed to get a copy of Now 7 for £7.99? Amazon are still £10.99 (I expected it to drop on release day), HMV are £12.99. I don’t know if Sainsburys are stocking it but ASDA and Tesco aren’t.

  8. nlgbbbblth says:

    Updating the argument that this is mostly down to lack of attention to detail:

    I’d certainly cut the Now compilers some slack on these tracks

    Limahl – Only For Love (Now 1 fades 20 seconds early – seems to be unique. Never on CD)
    Malcolm McLaren – Double Dutch (7″ version never on CD)
    The Smiths – What Difference Does It Make (7″ version never on CD – although download was available c 10 years ago)
    The Art Company – Susanna (DJ Edit rare if ever on CD)
    David Sylvian – Red Guitar (7″ version never on CD)
    Nick Heyward – Warning Sign (7″ version never on CD)
    Big Country – East Of Eden (Unique edit never on CD)
    Jaki Graham – Round & Around (Rare if ever on CD)
    Loose Ends – Magic Touch (Rare on CD)
    Nik Kershaw – When A Heart Beats (Rare if ever on CD – may be a unique early fade)
    The Communards – You Are My World (7″ version never on CD)
    Paul Hardcastle – Just For Money (Rare on CD)
    Cameo – Single Life (Rare on CD)
    Pet Shop Boys – Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money) (Matrix / Alternative 7″ never on CD)

    That’s a total of 14.
    I’ll also give the benefit of the doubt on the 7 omitted tracks as licensing can be complicated.
    So that’s 21.

    67 errors in total which means for 46 of them, they had no excuse for getting it wrong – 69% were avoidable. By avoidable, I mean that the single mixes are previously available on CD on other recent compilations or other releases from the artists. Some a bit trickier to find than others but none impossible.

  9. nlgbbbblth says:

    Trying to rank these Now CDs in terms of “best / worst” comes down to a points system. The lower the score, the better.
    Minor error = 1 point
    Major error = 2 points
    Track omission = 3 points

    Now 1 – 4 points
    Now 2 – 12 points
    Now 3 – 24 points
    Now 4 – 12 points
    Now 5 – 18 points
    Now 6 – 17 points
    Now 7 – 19 points

    Now 2 and Now 4 are tied but Now 4 is “better” given it has fewer major errors (3 vs 4)

    An alternative scoring system is just to rate the CDs on what’s on them, rather than what’s missing i.e.
    Minor error = 1 point
    Major error = 2 points

    The scores now look like this:

    Now 1 – 4 points
    Now 2 – 12 points
    Now 3 – 18 points
    Now 4 – 12 points
    Now 5 – 15 points
    Now 6 – 14 points
    Now 7 – 10 points

  10. Bry says:

    Can you tell me differences between new reissues vinyl 1 and 2 and originals , that’s if there are any . Thank you

    • nlgbbbblth says:

      Hi Bry
      The vinyl reissues of Now 1 and Now 2 have the same errors as the CD versions – so that’s four on Now 1 and eight on Now 2. While there is some merit in purchasing the CD versions, there is no point in forking out for the vinyl reissues and that – I suspect – is why they stopped after Now 2.

      I recommend you seek out NM copies of the originals – there are 26 NM copies of Now 1 on Discogs and 13 of Now 2.

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  12. nlgbbbblth says:

    The overall scores AKA how did the CD release match the original double LP?

    Now 1 – 87%
    Now 2 – 73%
    Now 3 – 50%
    Now 4 – 72%
    Now 5 – 63%
    Now 6 – 67%
    Now 7 – 70%
    Now 8 – 88%
    Now 9 – 93%

  13. Dazza3442 says:

    Hi all, thought it might be nice to suggest where to obtain the 7 missing tracks digitally.

    Bob Marley – One Love – I believe the version on Now 3 is the Julian Mendelsohn remix/edit that was on the 7″ single, and I’ve only found this on the original version of Legend released in the 80s. All the remasters of Legend use the album version.
    Gary Glitter – Dance Me Up – available to download
    David Bowie – This is Not America – available to download (eg from the Nothing Has Changed compilation, and others)
    Bryan Adams & Tina Turner – It’s Only Love – I personally have taken this from the So Far So Good compilation CD from 1993, but it’s widely available on download
    David Bowie – Absolute Beginners – the single version is on Best Of Bowie from 2002, available on download. Also on the original Now ’86 CD released in 1986.
    Real Roxanne – Bang Zoom (Let’s Go Go) – I haven’t been able to find a download or CD version of the single edit on Now 7, only the full length album version. I’ve sourced that from Hip Hop Don’t Stop Vol. 3 from 1998.
    Patti Labelle & Michael McDonald – On My Own – I’ve used the version on the original Now ’86 CD released in 1986.

    Has anyone found the correct edit of the Real Roxanne track anywhere?

  14. David says:

    I’m curious to know the version used of Every Time You Go Away by Paul Young on Now 5 as there seems to be a version with drum echo/ reverb and one without. The reverb one seems to be the one used now. I tried to do a Now 5 reconstruct and I used the version without reverb

  15. Will be interesting to see if they do stop at Now 9, if you have the originals you don’t need anything from Now 10 onwards as they were then double CDs onwards, and the originals won’t be over processed audio and sometimes wrong versions of songs, however Now 10 isn’t too cheap to get hold of. One example £60 on Ebay! so there is probably a market for going on with re-issues for a bit longer. –

  16. Now 10 double CD might not be necessary as Now 8 & 9 were only single CDs originally and the others didn’t even come on CD at all but it might help some who can’t afford £60 or more for the original Now 10, though all the tracks will be compressed and there may be rights issues as there have been with some, it will be interesting if the Now 10 re-issue happens to directly compare it to the original double CD.

  17. Dave says:

    NOW 10 is being re issued, unfortunately with 2 tracks missing that couldn’t be licenced. Will you continue tracking the errors, maybe setting up a new page dealing with the re issues of 10 onwards, this looks like continuing for the foreseeable future (IMO).

  18. Robert says:

    Are you going to make a post about the Now Yearbook 1983 and Now Yearbook 1984? Did they do a better job with the Yearbooks, than with the Now 1 – Now 9 reissues?

    • nlgbbbblth says:

      I might look at at the Now Yearbooks at a later stage – from all accounts, 1983 is a good job and not much wrong with it. But only one out so far and am not sure of the release rate.

      • Warren Wilding says:

        Yearbook 1984 is out on 29th October 2021.
        I have noticed one glaring error in 1983 and that is a very sudden change of sound quality part way through Ryan Paris’ Dolce Vita, it suddenly goes from sounding great to sounding like a very low bitrate MP3. Absolutely inexcusable. That’s the only major error I have found and as these are original compilations, there are no originals to compare them against so they can’t be held accountable to re-creating the originals as with the original Now series.

        • Robert says:

          Thanks for your reply. I haven’t got the Now Yearbook 1983 yet, but I have ordered the Yearbook 1984.

          It is a mystery to me how one track Ryan Paris Dolce Vita can go from sounding great to low bitrate MP3. Have you sent an E-mail to Now about this?

          • Warren Wilding says:

            I’ve not written to the Now people, I mean, they must know, just don’t care. Nothing is going to change anyway.
            I’ve opened the track up in Adobe Audition and it’s stranger than I first thought..
            At 2:12, the change happens but it looks as if a low pass filter is applied at around 13.5kHz and the LF level is reduced as all the life is sucked out of the bass but also, the midrange jumps in level as it seems to be going through some compression, you can visibly see that the part after 2:12 has lost all the punch dynamic range yet the waveform is fuller and much louder in the midrange. They’ve killed the track.

            Also a pretty crude fade happens at the end which was not needed as there is a proper 7″ cut out there at 3:21 with a decent ending although the official radio version is 3:55. The maxi single version is 5:15.
            I’ve had a search of my music library and there are a load of different edits, cuts, etc which have been used on various compilations over the years and some of them are just awful.

            • nlgbbbblth says:

              Thanks for that Warren. I note Popjustice comment – “Dolce Vita on the new NOW Yearbook is the UK Single Mix but once again slightly edited at 3 52 with the instrumental break as mentioned above by Stecov coming in at 2 53 through 3 09.”

              They also state that this CD contains the proper 7″ mix – – one of the few from that era I don’t own yet.

              Played back the Now Yearbook version and now notice what you are saying re the 2:12 onwards part. Previously had only played it in car and put it back on the shelf.

  19. David Myers says:

    Well I finally bit the bullet and bought Now 5 original LP. I wanted to check the Paul Young and Kool and the Gang tracks. Most single versions you hear now for Cherish have the sounds of birds at the start, the version on here doesn’t and I reckon it’s just an edit of the album version.
    The Paul Young track is a different mix to the album version and lacks a drum echo. This is the original 7″ Mix and it never shows up on any new compilations or any Paul Young releases as they always put on the edited album version as they did with the Now 5 CD. The big disappointment for me is that the version on the LP has the beginning cut out perhaps only a second or so but it really jars. I thought it might be that the LP is damaged but it isn’t. Wonder if it’s the same with all pressings or just a few

    • nlgbbbblth says:

      Hi David
      Cherish on the Now 5 LP is definitely just an edit of the album version.
      For Everytime You Go Away, the original Now 5 cuts off the very start – I think it is like that on all copies. Check your email.

  20. Feel the Quality says:

    Good news! Now Yearbook ‘84 has the 7” version of Red Guitar.

    • nlgbbbblth says:

      Thanks; great to read that. Still waiting for my copy to arrive. Due to British Exit, a number of pre-releases on Amazon are geo-blocked to ROI customers. They usually become available at release date but not this time. Had to order from a third party supplier in the end.

  21. Extinct Zebroid says:

    The correct 1984 mix of One love/People get ready is also on a 1991 CD single rerelease, if that helps:

  22. NOW 10 REISSUE:

    I’ve gone through the NOW 10 reissue, and compared all the tracks to my own music archive (over 157,000 tracks) and the original releases on Discogs.

    The track listing on the cover does not denote the specific mixes for the following tracks:
    1-02, 1-03, 1-04, 1-05, 1-06, 1-09, 1-11, 1-12, 2-01, 2-04, 2-10, 2-12 and 2-13

    Below is the track listing that I have found to be correct:
    Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé – Barcelona
    Pet Shop Boys – Rent (7″ Version)
    The Communards – Never Can Say Goodbye (7″ Mix By Shep Pettibone)
    M|A|R|R|S – Pump Up The Volume (7″ Version)
    Hue & Cry – Labour Of Love (7″ Version)
    Jellybean – The Real Thing (7″ Version) (Feat. Steven Dante)
    Johnny Hates Jazz – I Don’t Want To Be A Hero
    The Style Council – Wanted
    T’Pau – China In Your Hand (Single Version)
    KISS – Crazy Crazy Nights
    Billy Idol – Mony Mony (Live)
    The Alarm – Rain In The Summertime (7″ Version)
    Marillion – Sugar Mice

    Wet Wet Wet – Sweet Little Mystery (Single Version) [WITH CHANGES TO SECOND VERSE]
    Curiosity Killed The Cat – Misfit
    Los Lobos – La Bamba
    Fat Boys & The Beach Boys – Wipeout! (7″ Version)
    Bananarama – Love In The First Degree
    Cliff Richard – My Pretty One
    Karel Fialka – Hey Matthew
    Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme
    Nina Simone – My Baby Just Cares For Me
    Erasure – The Circus (Remix By Flood)
    The Housemartins – Build
    Level 42 – It’s Over (Remix)
    ABC – When Smokey Sings (7″ Version) [WITH THE VERBAL COUNT-IN]
    Squeeze – Hourglass
    The Pogues – Fairytale Of New York (Feat. Kirsty MacColl)

    • nlgbbbblth says:

      Thanks – I just got this, from a cursory glance re the timings they seem to match the original double CD albeit with the changes you have outlined. Pity about the missing tracks.

      • Andrew Chinnock says:

        Hi Paul, one bizarre aspect of the missing tracks is that they are both licensed to EMI in the original Now 10 booklet. Alone by Heart appeared in both Now 1987s as did Whitesname, albeit it was “Is This Love”.

        Why would a band decide against including an old track on a re-issued Now? I appreciate royalties wouldn’t amount to much but still better than nothing. Odd.

        • Warren Wilding says:

          It’s unlikely to be the bands themselves deciding not to license tracks, they would rarely be consulted in these matters as they normally don’t hold the mechanical rights for their music. It could be as simple as the fees requested by the rights holder are too much, there is most likely a cap per track, or an overall budget cap for the compilations to make them financially viable and if a track costs too much, they simply omit it and move on.
          There are a plethora of other reasons a track might not be included but again, all unlikely to be the artists themselves involved at any stage.

          • nlgbbbblth says:

            Will more than likely impact Now 11 (Whitesnake) and Now 12 (Heart) if they continue. I was surprised to see the omissions but agree with Warren – probably came down to money. Not sure if Now 10 CD sold that well – came down to £4.99 pretty quickly.

    • Neil Kelly says:

      How bizarre. As i read this i have 157,012 tracks on my iTunes at 1.57tb.

  23. Thanks for this super useful list about the NOW reissues! I just have a few comments/corrections on your notes:

    NOW 1:
    * Simple Minds – Waterfront:
    Actually this is just the normal album version.

    NOW 3:
    * Nik Kershaw – I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me:
    AFAIK there is no 7″ version – I just checked with a rip of the 7″ single, and it’s identical to the version on NOW and the 2012 reissue of his album “Human Racing”. You mention the compilation “Hot And New” from 1984, but I think it’s a possibility that the version for that CD was simply the album version with an early fade?

    * Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time:
    AFAIK, there is no 7″ mix. I just checked a rip of the 7″ single (catalogue number 37-04432), and it’s identical to the NOW reissue.

    * Ultravox – Dancing With Tears In My Eyes:
    The original 7″ version actually fades at 4m4s – I checked this against a vinyl rip of the 7″ (catalogue number UV 1) and the original vinyl issue of NOW 3. All three versions look identical to me.

    * Nick Heyward – Warning Sign:
    The version on the NOW 4 reissue has the first rap at 2m7s, but then there’s a quite bad edit at 2m52s that removes the second rap. This edited version is also used on e.g. all of Nick Heyward’s CD compilations, and is likely the only version NOW was offered to use.

    NOW 5:
    * Bryan Ferry – Slave To Love:
    This is the album version, but it has been edited down and fades out eight seconds earlier, at 4m15s.

  24. RichardB says:

    It looks to me that the recent NOW 1984 Yearbook has the “correct” versions of Pipes of Peace (NOW2), Love Wars, Smalltown Boy and Red Guitar (NOW3) – can anyone confirm?

    • nlgbbbblth says:

      According to my ears – yes to all four.

    • Warren Wilding says:

      It really depends what you mean by “correct”. Outside of the the original Now LPs/CDs, it’s not relevant. Who defines a “correct” version? The obvious starting point is the version which appeared on the official 7″ single but what about “radio” versions, album versions, variant mixes and custom edits? A variety of these appeared on the original Now albums.
      The Yearbook series are a different body of work to the original Now albums so there is no real benchmark for them to be held against.
      I would like to think that as much as possible, they will aim for all official 7″ mixes but it’s not easy as the knowledge is mostly lost in those who are compiling the albums to know how specific they need to be when asking for masters and the same goes for the record companies supplying the masters, the expertise which would have existed back in the 80s, just does not exist anymore, and for that matter, many of the masters may not exist, or their location be known.

      • nlgbbbblth says:

        Agree; the Yearbooks are a new concept so there is nothing to measure them against. Nor is there an obligation. However it is significant that it would appear that more care is being taken with these releases compared to the reissues of the early Now albums – as proved by the inclusion of the four single mixes mentioned by RichardB. Although including the re-recording of I Should Have Known Better (like Forgotten ’80s) is sloppy. I am not sure if Jim Diamond did this out of necessity but if the 1984 original could not be licensed then the track should have been dropped.

        • Warren Wilding says:

          My guess is it’s just that some lad in his 20s at the compiling company asked (or searched their own archive) for a master of the track, got the version he got and would not know if he’s got the right version or not as he was not alive until 15 years after the track charted.
          As I said, I think it’s a combination of lack of knowledge at both ends and also a certain amount of time and effort being allowed to knock the compilations up. A sad indictment of the world we live in.

  25. David Myers says:

    Hi can anyone confirm that 2 tracks on Now Yearbook 1983 Extra are rerecordings. Michael Sembello Maniac and When We Were Young by Bucks Fizz. I know for sure Bucks Fizz redid this track with the new girl Kelly replacing Jay Aston’s vocals and I think they’ve included the re done version here

  26. a kick up the 80's says:

    Both songs sound like the original versions to me.

    The vocals on the Bucks Fizz track sound like Jay Aston to me, and not Shelley Preston who replaced her.

  27. David Myers says:

    Thanks. I actually think I got the Bucks Fizz track the wrong way round. The original version is on the Now album, the version I had was a rubbish rerecording done in the late 90s when David Van Day was running a version of Bucks Fizz, with Mike Nolan and 2 female vocalists, one I believe was called Sally Jacks. They recorded a best of album which still appears on the streaming sites. These recordings were apparently derided by fans

  28. nlgbbbblth says:

    Now 11 CD reissue due 8 April
    Missing Eddy Grant and Whitesnake tracks

    • Martin Davis says:

      I see the latest reissue (Now 13) is missing the Phil Collins track “Groovy Kind Of Love”. Any other deviations from the original that anyone is aware of?

  29. Alastair Lee says:

    I bought Now 5 over the weekend via Amazon and have noticed that some of the tracks are album versions or fade out early, etc., but I’ve heard some of the album versions being played on the radio in recent years, in particular, Scritti Politti’s The Word Girl and really like the album version. Being a David Bowie fan, I was really disappointed he isn’t on this album and really like this track, apart from that, I’m fine with these extended / album versions, some of which I haven’t heard before.

    • nlgbbbblth says:

      Hi Alastair,
      Thank you for your comment.

      The purpose of the Now albums was to reflect the charts over the preceding few months. Accordingly, they usually featured radio edits / 7″ mixes which is what you should have on a compilation of pop singles. It is not unreasonable to expect the eventual CD release to reflect the original double LP – in as much as possible. Nobody expects perfection given the passage of time, and the relative scarcity of *some* (a minority) of the tracks in their single format.

      However, the Stephen TinTin Duffy and Paul Young album versions really drag in comparison to their single mixes and are very noticeable. As for Marillion’s Kayleigh (and Lavender on Now 6 CD), the album versions are part of a continuous side-long sequence so the use of both (instead of the very commonly available single mixes) was a shocking display of ignorance and downright laziness – given that it’s impossible to get a clean fade in / out and as a result, you can hear the end of the previous track and the beginning of the next.

  30. nlgbbbblth says:

    The Now 11 CD reissue – just compared timings (no listening done) with original CD as listed on Discogs.
    No major deviations aside from Tower Of Strength (listed as 4:34 on Discogs original CD – not checked my copy) while the new release clocks in at 4:24 (time taken from CD player).

  31. David Myers says:

    We’ll soon be getting Now Yearbook 1981 and there are 4 tracks on there that interest me as to what versions/ mixes they will use.
    Wordy Rappinghood. The original single came in at under 4 minutes and doesn’t appear to be readily available. Someone has put it up on YT and it’s the version I remember as a young teenager in 81.
    Quiet Life by Japan. There’s about 3 single mixes of this.
    Memory by Elaine Paige. She recorded a few versions of this so I hope we get her original 81 recording
    Tears are Not Enough by ABC. The original 1981 mix is different to the mix on the 1982 Lexicon of Love album

  32. David Myers says:

    A few people suggesting Can Can by Bad Manners is a rerecording on Yearbook ’81. I always thought the version on the streaming sites was original but it’s a rerecording. I’ve discovered this by watching old Totp’s and I’ve sourced their original album with it on and it is different. You can tell by his first exclamation which is a shout rather than a bleh sound!!

    • nlgbbbblth says:

      Yes, it feels off…. I think Elaine Paige Memory is a 1998 re-recording too.

      • David Myers says:

        I’ve been trying to work which is the original Memory single. On streaming sites I’m sure it’s on the Andrew Lloyd Webber album Gold. According to Wikipedia the original single was incorporated into the original cast recording of Cats and it sounds exactly the same.

  33. antster1983 says:

    NOW 12 out on July 29th.

    Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight ’88 is missing.
    Even more baffling – Heart and The Timelords (aka The KLF) aren’t!

  34. David Myers says:

    Any idea if the single version of This Is It by Dan Hartman was ever released on CD. Curious to know what version they will use on the Yearbook 79 extra

  35. RichardB says:

    Just worked out that I can re-create the 7″ mix of Malcolm McLaren’s Double Dutch (which was included on NOW1 but has never, I think, had a digital release) by using a copy of the 12″ version (available on the recent Now That’s What I Call 12″ 80s: Extended) and just fading it at around 3:38… In fact, if you listen carefully to the 12″, there’s a not-so-great splice at that point where they’ve obviously decided they’ll extend the 7″ by ‘sticking some stuff on the end’…

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