Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time full.jpg

Turn Back Time was originally compiled in 2012 but barely circulated and believed lost. Until a few days when I unexpectedly found the sole remaining CDR. It’s a mixture of gentle(ish) psych, wonky electronics and a few poetic dramas set to music. A number of the records featured were purchased on my sole visit to the Utrecht record fair during November 2011.

01 Saint Etienne – United World
02 Bill Fay – Sing Us One Of Your Songs May
03 Danny Doyle – Ballad Of Jack Shepherd
04 Donovan – Sand And Foam
05 Roy Budd – Skies Of Blue And Fields Of Green
06 Advisory Circle – Ceridwen
07 Wallace Connection – Daydream
08 Jack Holiday – Lazy Day
09 Time Machine – Turn Back Time
10 Don Fardon – Dreaming Room
11 Herbert Leonard – Cher Monsieur Fantaisie
12 Brotherhood Of Man – Do Your Thing
13 Unknown – Shirleywhirley
14 Sandie Shaw – Reviewing The Situation
15 Le Slag – Slag Machine
16 Baker Street Philharmonic – Ocean Of Storms
17 Alessandra and The Atomic Crocus – Smile At Me
18 Christophe – The Girl From Salina
19 Barbra Streisand – By Myself
20 Andrew Lloyd Webber – Variation 17
21 Michel Polnareff – Voyages
22 Ataraxia – The Unexplained
23 Jean Bell – The Owl Service End Theme
24 Sir John Betjeman – Late Flowering Lust
25 Tony Blackburn – In The Night
26 Terry Durham – Stills From A Late Night Movie
27 Ray Brooks – Hush, Hush I’m Dying

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