The Chase

The Chase

The Chase is a mix that has been fermenting for the last few weeks. It’s the soundtrack to a strange and terrible time and consists of a dozen 12″ mixes. All date from the 1983-1987 era with the emphasis firmly towards the new wave sound. I remember hearing many of them on Gerry Ryan’s show on Radio 2 back in the day; Willy Finlayson’s On The Air Tonight is particularly evocative of a time when the threat of nuclear war was real and songs were best enjoyed on a radio under the blankets. The above photo is by Matt Weber and was taken in Brooklyn during 1985.

01 Vince Clarke & Paul Quinn – One Day (Extension)
02 Feargal Sharkey – Loving You (Extended Version)
03 Willy Finlayson – On The Air Tonight (Extra Long Mix)
04 Vitamin Z – Burning Flame (Extended Dance Mix)
05 Silent Running – Young Hearts (Extended Mix)
06 Glass Tiger – Someday (Extended Remix)
07 White China – Real World (Extended Version)
08 Great Nation – Beat The Wall (Dance Mix)
09 Boys Don’t Cry – Cities On Fire (US Mix)
10 The Adventures – Two Rivers (Extended Mix)
11 Hilary – Kinetic (Extended Remix Version)
12 Shona Laing – (Glad I’m) Not A Kennedy (Extended Remix)

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