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Raiders Of The Pop Charts (K-Tel, 1983)

Review Before I wrap up this series of reviews on 1980s compilations of the pre-CD era, I’m going global. First stop is Down Under. Inspired by rival Ronco’s Raiders Of The Pop Charts, K-Tel released their own edition almost 12 … Continue reading

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Hits Hits Hits (Telstar, 1984)

Review Telstar’s Hits Hits Hits was so low key that it actually passed me by at the time. I only became aware of its existence about two years ago and tracking down a NM copy wasn’t too difficult. In the … Continue reading

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Chart Trek Volumes 1 and 2 (Ronco, 1983)

Review The Flying Pickets on Top Of The Pops, The Citadel Of Chaos, the Christmas RTE Guide starting on 17 December instead of the 24th, the television premiere of Heaven’s Gate, being haunted by the photo of Robert Earl Hughes … Continue reading

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