Slammin’ (A&M, 1990)



Compiled by Steve Wolfe and released on the A&M label in late 1990, Slammin’ looks like one of those ubiquitous dance compilations that were everywhere back then. Take a closer and you’ll be pleasantly surprised as the CD mixes the familiar with a selection of buried treasures to spectacular effect.

The opening 1-2-3 punch consists of DNA scalping Suzanne Vega [the first of two tunes from them], indie dance floor-filler I’m Free and Blue Pearl’s dramatic radio mix of Naked In The Rain. Then it’s back to my roots with Jazzi P’s hip-house non-smash Feel The Rhythm. Lovely. Things mellow a little with Terry Farley’s 7″ mix of Come Together [late summer meltdown] and Yazz’s pleading Treat Me Good before a nifty edit of Technotronic’s best single Rockin’ Over The Beat. I think it’s cut-down from the LP version – anyone confirm?

The Southern Comfort edit of Young MC’s I Come Off is a perfect example of new school turn-of-the-decade hip hop. It’s complimented by A Tribe Called Quest’s evergreen Bonita Applebum and Dream Warriors’ dayglo jam Wash Your Face In My Sink. Also floating around this mid-section [or side 2 of the vinyl version] are acidic anthems from The KLF and Tricky Disco with Maureen’s earthy lustful cover of Thinking Of You drops in like a bomb after Young MC.

So what about the nuggets? Well there’s a trio. Awesome 3’s Hard Up has it all – the build-up, a kicking beat, the whistles and loved-up vibes. Mk #2 is Bocca Juniors and Raise (63 Steps To Heaven). A balearic classic which was produced by Pete Heller, Terry Farley and Andrew Weatherall. Released on Boys Own with a piano sample from Ibiza favourite Jesus On The Payroll [by Thrashing Doves]. Completing this triple play of perfection are DNA and their squelchy euphoric take on Rondo Veneziano’s La Serenissima. The final two tracks are like afterthoughts; two contrasting palate cleansers even – The 49ers upfront Touch Me and Sting’s stylish Englishman In New York.

Unique to this compilation are the Maureen, A Tribe Called Quest, Awesome 3 and Bocca Juniors single edits. It can be picked up on the used market for as little as 1p. What are you waiting for?

Favourite tracks
Bocca Juniors – Raise (63 Steps To Heaven) (Redskin Rock)

A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita Applebum (7″ Why Edit)

Lest we forget
Awesome 3 – Hard Up (Willy Nilly Mix)

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